Harwich Town Sailing Club

Next club event is Sun 07-Nov Winter Series 1 and 2

Social Events
(updated 14th May, 2016 )

Laying Up Supper
This is always a great evening, re-living all the triumphs and tribulations of the racing season. If there is one social event that you should attend this year, this is it! The list will be up in the club a couple of weeks before the event so make sure you put your name down in good time

2016 The club's social activity is now coming slowly back to life......

For the dinners, get your names on the door quickly, places as always, are limited.
If you cannot get to the bar, please ring the club on Wednesday or Friday evenings after 2100hrs or on Sunday after 1200hrs telephone number 01255 503200 and ask someone to write it for you


Running the Bar

How would you like to run the bar on a Wednesday or Friday night or even a Sunday afternoon?
Is it difficult? No, probably the hardest part is just opening the bar doors.  It is more or less impossible to make a mistake - if you would like to try then come in and ask at the bar.

Any question on social events you can contact the Social Secretary at socialsec@htsc.co.uk