Harwich Town Sailing Club

Next club event is Sun 04-Oct Autumn Series 1 and 2

Welcome to the Harwich Town Sailing Club website

COVID-19 update: The committee has agreed to resume sailing only activity at the club. Our policy, formulated under RYA guidelines is as follows:

- Observe >2m distancing AT ALL TIMES! There is plenty of room in the dinghy park

- Double handed boats must be crewed by members of same household

- Come dressed for sailing or change in dinghy park. Same applies after sailing eg; have a shower at home. The clubhouse will remain shut!

- Assess wind/sea conditions, be conservative. Slightest doubt, don't go out! Ask established/experienced sailors for their advice, and follow it.

- Establish format for sailing session before going afloat. Rescue boat will probably be single manned so allow for that

- When afloat, don't go off to far on your own, try to stay within hail of other sailors/rescue boat

- Be considerate of and keep well clear of the public, eg; let them pass (> 2m distancing) before pulling your boat across the promenade. The club does not need any reprehensible comments from Joe Public!


Harwich Town Sailing Club is a warm friendly sailing club committed to promoting sailing as an all round family activity in all it's forms, from championship racing to pottering about in and around the harbour area. Over the years, the club has helped many sailors become national and even world champions in their class.

Apart from the racing, the sailing schedule is sprinkled with beach days and barbeques just for fun, along with day cruises around the picturesque Stour and Orwell rivers or Walton backwaters. In addition there is a varied social calendar, covering all sorts of activities from quiz nights to pantomimes.

We hope this website will give you an in sight into the club, provide you with local information and get you thinking about sailing wherever you are.